Some recent projects

A couple new digitization projects have caught my attention, so I thought I’d post them here.

The first is the Museum of Modern Art’s Archive Image Database. From the MoMA’s own press release:  MAID is a database of 50,000+ images digitized from theMoMA Archives, including letters, drawings, photographs, exhibition
installation views, scrapbook pages, newsclippings, etc.  For over 12
years, MAID has been a rich internal resource that was only accessible on
MoMA-networked computers.  For the first time ever, researchers worldwide
may now access the database online at

Second, my employer, the Art Institute of Chicago, recently updated their website, and with that update, made available some 52,000 high-resolution images from the permanent collection. The images can be accessed through the “Collections” page here. The images have been made available through the Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license and can be downloaded for free. The museum has also enhanced the image viewing capabilities on the website, allowing viewers to zoom in and view works in great detail.