Fabergé at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has launched a mini-site dedicated to the Lillian Thomas Pratt Archive. Ms. Pratt was a collector of Russian decorative arts, including several Fabergé eggs. Upon her death, her collection was given to the VMFA.

The site includes digitized documents from her archive, including photographs, digitized rare books, and even receipts for the artworks she purchased. Even more interesting, there are also available 360° views of the Easter eggs, videos of the eggs opening, and a link to the full collection. The site also includes a link to a Fabergé & Russian Culture App, which is available for both mobile and tablet. The app includes historic “paths” for viewers to follow, a creative toolkit for teachers, and a “make your own Fabergé egg” game.

The site has a rich amount of material, both visual and text-based, and is a fantastic resource for those researching, or simply curious about, Imperial Russian decorative arts and their American collectors.