Digital Humanities Toolbox

HASTAC, the Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory, have issued a list of tools useful for those engaged in the digital humanities.

The Digital Humanities Toolbox  lists programs and applications useful for media creation, project management, mapping, data visualization, reference systems, and text processing and annotation. The list is a great start for sharing resources and will be updated regularly.

Cranach Digital Archive

Another fantastic approach to using digital technology to study an artist, the Cranach Digital Archive is a collaboration between nine museums in Europe and the United States to build a digital repository of material related to Lucas Cranach, one of the most important artists of the Northern Renaissance.

From their website:

The Cranach Digital Archive serves three main purposes:

  • Preservation
    The Cranach Digital Archive will provide an opportunity for long-term storage of documentary material from museum and private archives such as reports, X-radiographs, colour slides and digital born images. Such material, particularly in smaller museums and private archives, is in danger of being lost within a relatively short period of time.
  • Access
    The documentary material will be recorded, catalogued and commented to provide most efficient access in the electronic environment. The cda serves as a platform from which all information currently housed in different institutions can be made accessible to the scholarly public.
  • Research and Dissemination
    The cda not only provides access to historical documentary material and completed research but also encourages new forms of interdisciplinary scholarly research and teaching. The project staff is actively involved in generating new documentary material, such as dendrochronological analysis and digital IR-reflectograms. In the future, the cda could be linked with relevant projects (Wege zu Cranach, exhibitions projects etc.) that draw on the content in innovative and exploratory ways.